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The Apostasy of the Christian Church Or, “How We Got To Be In The Mess We Be In”by R. Dawson BarlowDiscover in this volume how some of the heroes of the Christian faith (according to the church of western culture) were in reality the villains who corrupted the church. Have you unwittingly become a partaker of the present day apostasy of Christianity? Find out in the pages of this book.

The Origin of the RACESby Sun Ming (R. Dawson Barlow)3rd Edition now in stock: “…the chapter on the life and ‘tricks’ of Charles Darwin was fantastic,” says Dr. H. C. Macy. This book is “Not what you think!” If you are not already fully informed from a Biblical standpoint, wait until you see what God did!


The Two Gospelsby R. Dawson BarlowThere are two particular gospels being preached today with major differences between them. Which one saves?



Covenant With My Chosen by Deborah Kuzenski (Collins)A NOVEL revealing what the Left Behind series left behind!SALE:  All  the price of this book will be donated to Barlow Missions while supplies last.


Booklet: Do You Believe What Jesus and Mary Say? By James Smith






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